Finding resources when starting out with music production can be a tedious process. This doesn’t exclusively apply to beginners. While books may help laying foundations for you, they take up lots of space, and sometimes you just want a quick tutorial or insight without having to remove all the dust from your shelfs. Sometimes you just want to find out more quickly about a specific compression, delay or reverb technique. In this day and age, anything is accessible in a few clicks and YouTube offers countless videos on the most specific topics. Videos do provide you with a more intuitive approach  and specific approach to learning music production which isn’t always possible with books. Therefore, it makes sense to use those resources to the best of your ability. With no catalogues on the subject available, we decided  to compile the best music production YouTube channels for you!

Beginner to Advanced (Sound Design/In General)

Excellent Youtuber who is known for making “How to Bass” series, works directly with Image Line (creators of FL) and has great knowledge of sound design. Good for beginners to advance and has pretty much general tips outside of sound design if you are interested. He is one of the people who boosted my knowledge of music at the start.

Beginner (intermediate older videos)

Although a comedic youtube when it comes to music production (in purpose unlike others). His videos are more for fun and yet can teach you arrangement of the genre, his “How to make in 3 minutes” usually comes out better than expected and a lot of people like it. He also has older tutorials which are more serious but also fun to watch. He was another Youtuber starting out that helped me improve my knowledge of arrangement and how songs are structured, I’ve watched and rewatched his videos a million times

Beginner to intermediate (basic tutorials)

Sadowick Productions has been one of my biggest helps to start out and to this day. I remember I was dissatisfied with FL Studio 12 at one point and wanted to learn Ableton, needless to say, I had learned basics of it within 3 days thanks to him. He is extremely good at what he does and how he puts out the information to others. I highly recommend him to anyone starting out as he can you get up to speed within a few days.

Intermediate to advanced (studio sessions)

Studio sessions with the biggest talents and stars. Enough said.

  • In-depth tutorials on how a popular track is made
  • Long studio sessions that are really useful
  • Not Beginner friendly skips out the basic stuff and moves on to Intermediate

Beginner to intermediate

Team MBL is one of the YouTubers that are kind of clickbaity but actually have justification. He recently had one of his tracks signed to Spinnin Records and is making some serious plays in the industry. He knows how to market well and his songs are actually pretty damn good. Good for the producer starting out and wanting to sound like their favorite artists, also good for anyone looking to start making it in the industry

All skill levels (music theory)

This guy is the Khan Academy of Music Theory. He is amazing at what he does, his funny, his smart, he’s got it all. If I had the chance I would marry him but I’ll give that special chance to some other girl. For anyone wanting to learn Music Theory minus the bullshit, check this guy out. He is a god. Enough said


Au5 is lighting up the scene with his songs, he has released songs under Monstercat. You can trust him as he has and is still proving himself to the big guys. It’s only a matter of time before you will see him at the biggest festivals, he knows what he is doing and he is someone you should watch definitely to bring your production to “that” standard

Intermediate to advanced

Really good Ableton youtuber but good for all DAWs. He shows you how to solve things and what and what not to do. Lots of various scenarios that he solves that you might encounter while producing. Shows his project files and how he makes things. Has proven himself to others already with his quality of music. Nothing else to say other than check him out 100% if you are in Ableton and for any other DAW users, check him out as well, you just might learn something new!

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Intermediate to advanced

Check them out, professionals who get paid lots of money come out and show you mainly sound design and synthesis. A trusted company in the EDM scene for their tutorials.

Beginner to intermediate

Jon Sine is like Team MLB, both of them are rising in the production world and they know what they are doing. Jon Sine also signed a distribution deal with I believe Universal Music. He makes good tutorials but repeats the same ones from time to time for some reason. Also, a daily vlogger that can show you the life of a music producer. Really relatable!

All skill levels (mixing)

Great youtuber when it comes to showing how to mixing and sometimes mastering. He is good for all skill levels and I recommend to anyone to check him out. I learned how to use Pro C-2 in under a day with him, great for Fabfilter and any other huge mastering/mixing product makers. Definitely, check him out!

All skill levels

Similar to ADSR and FutureMusicMagazine but focuses on all aspects of production. Teaches how to make a song in a certain genre but the end result is always excellent. Has producers who have already made it working under them.

All skill level (music theory)

Composing Gloves was one of the youtubers I knew I had been missing and I couldn’t remember the name of. Similar to Dave, he focuses on music theory but music theory for computer musicians ( also the title of a book, you should read it) He is straight to the point and I remember him also being one of the resources that I first used when tackling music theory. I still have a lot to learn and I am definitely going to interchange between him and Dave Conservatoire

All skill levels

Cloud Sine is someone who I have heard a lot about, and if you are pretty deep into the production scene, you have probably heard about him too. I didn’t include him here as I haven’t personally seen his videos as of yet but I have heard good things about him. Upon doing some research I have found that his videos are mostly based around Ableton and synths like Serum. His newest video includes some content around the new iZotope 8 plugins that I will probably watch myself soon. Nonetheless, the community believes Cloud Sine is a worthy member of this list and so he shall have his place! Check him out!

All skill levels (beginner friendly – Logic / Ableton / Pro Tools)

MusicTechHelpGuy is another great resource, he makes lots of videos about production in general and not just EDM. He goes in depth into topics like Music Theory, mixing and mastering, and also tutorials on how to get started in production or learn a new skill. I recommend him as a resource for all skill levels looking to learn on their cons and hopefully make it intro pros, also he has lots of videos so the content is almost endless!

All skill levels

I am sure all my FL Studio 12 users have heard of this man. I debated putting him on the list but I thought not to because he mainly produces…beats. But, nonetheless, a great resource for FL Studio 12 and he is recently going into other DAWs like Cubase, and Ableton. Definitely, make sure to check him out, great guy and really easy to learn from him. Also, he has like the best intro ever.

Intermediate to advanced

Reid Stefan is similar to Team MBL and Jon Sine, he also has released music under some of the biggest labels. He is justification for all the videos he makes as well… those same tips go into his songs. Make sure to check him out for how an active producer in the industry does his trade

All skill levels (Comedic)

FrankJavCee is one of the YouTubers I and my brother binge-watched and laughed, my brother isn’t a producer and he also retained some things. Similar to AcesToAces but longer videos, he can make you laugh, learn something new, and even learn the history behind of the biggest genre on the scene and some of the weirdest ones too. Check out FrankJavCee if you can’t stand super long monotone videos and want to get a laugh while learning something new

Advanced (mixing)

MixBusTV goes into the more advanced side of mixing for all the people who think they are advanced. Make sure to check him out if you think you want to up your level of mixing and sound quality to that pro level. I will personally look at these guys to learn somethings new


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