Sit down and relax. Stand up and dance. You pick. But be sure to enter a world of its own. Following on his debut track, “Sprinter” which was released through Refused Audio about a year ago,  Canadian techno producer Elpine covers new grounds with a more relaxing, yet more meticulous new EP entitled “Veil”. This three track EP conserves the darker nuances of Elpine’s signature sound such as the rhythmic percussion, tight kicks and basslines, but conveys a more ethereal feel by the astute use of effects and instruments variation. These provide the necessary depth to dream bigger and further. With this EP, Elpine has reached a new level of maturity. Constructions grow ever more complex without losing their substance and innovative touch, whereas punchy basslines, percussive synths and background samples give this deep house (or tech house) compilation the contour and energy of a quality record.

The eponymous ‘Veil’ is a solid opening track, that is more chill and laidback than the other two tracks of the record.  It seems like the perfect track to listen to on a warm summer night, near the beach after a glass or two, in pleasant company, reflecting on how good you feel at this very moment. Through percussive synths, swelling pads, jumpy chords and punchy percussion, this track also offers a good amount of complexity while benefitting from its logical and coherent structure. Throughout the record, “call and response” (different elements interacting with each other) provide bemusing motifs which are so in a good way. Veil also provides the good foundations for the following two tracks on this EP.

The ensemble of instruments and effects used by Elpine provide quality progressions, especially when the bass kicks in on “Sapphire”, the second track of the record. Low energy is combined with high energy to arouse enough interest, while keeping the listener at bay. This second track is also the one that provides the most ambient elements, with a pluck synth that is processed with a considerable amount of reverb, while remaining in perfect sync with the dynamic percussion throughout the track. Nonetheless, don’t be mistaken, even though the intro and outro provide soothing motives, the track does have more energy than Veil. Reverse reverb effects and filters provide additional elements to glue all of the elements together in a seamless manner. The outro of the track concludes with this delicate yet industrial feel the track started with.

Terrasect is the final track on this record. With strong leads, that evoke a looming melody, it is also -in our opinion-  one of the most uplifting tracks on the record once the melody kicks in halfway through. This track starts by hinting at the elements which will be introduced later on, providing several background sounds which make good use of reverb. The tight kickdrum and percussion which are both exquisitely compressed provide the solid foundations for the rest of the track. Once again, highlighting Elpine’s constructive and progressive approach is important to understand the type of vibe he tries to convey. The track finishes with the initial elements of the record; a laidback feel juxtaposed by rightly imagined sounds.

VERDICT: Overall, Veil is a solid record that also demonstrates the leap forward Elpine has taken in recent months. This artist is definitely one to watch out for in the deep house genre. His meticulous tracks demonstrate how much passion and effort has been put into delivering a very pleasing final result.


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