To create the right sound atmosphere when listening to music is impossible without a low-frequency component. That is, without bass. It is the low frequencies of the soundtrack that add volume, create the feeling of music, add emotion to the reproduction of the rest of the spectrum of sound radiation. To play them correctly, a specially prepared speaker system is needed. This is a subwoofer.
  • OVERALL Rating 87% 87%
  • Sound Power 95% 95%
  • Sound Quality 80% 80%
  • Design & Functionality 85% 85%
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Built-in amplifier that allows you to hook the monitors directly
Has knobs for volume and frequency control
Suits for any sort of bass music and studio mixing
Amount of interference when using RCA
Lack of light on the front so you could see if it was turned on or not

KRK K10S Powered Subwoofer Review

I tested the KRK K10S and want to share my impressions. KRK SYSTEMS introduced a new studio subwoofer KRK 10S. The KRK 10S active studio subwoofer fits perfectly with the KRK monitors of the Rokit, VXT series, or any other 4 “, 5.6 and 8“ studio monitors. Distinctive features of the subwoofer are a slot port of the phase inverter and a removable metal protective mesh.

A phase inverter and a branded yellow woofer made of reinforced fiberglass provide a clear linear bottom. Active crossovers and power amplifier provide smooth and accurate playback. The KRK 10S studio subwoofer raises the bar for quality and becomes a new standard for even greater performance and accuracy. The subwoofer has curved surfaces; its appearance is as gorgeous as the sound.

According to the manufacturer, the diffuser is made of glass-aramid composite material. Aramid is an aromatic polyamide used in the aerospace and military industries, for example, in the manufacture of armor. Flexible suspension dynamics made of rubber. Judging by the rigidity of the suspension, the subwoofer is designed for a high volume level.

The KRK 10S has many inputs and connection options if you use RCA, 1/4 “jack or XLR inputs, you will not have connection problems. Using a 50Hz – 130Hz low pass filter, a KRK 10S subwoofer provides flexible control for any monitoring system. Bypass footswitch. The subwoofer allows you to turn off the subwoofer and leave only the monitors to sound.

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All controls are on the back panel. Here are located the sensitivity and cut-off controls for the low-pass filter, the phase switching toggle, and the power switch. Adjustment of the cutoff frequency is carried out in the range of 50 Hz – 130 Hz.

Another feature of the subwoofer is that it is usually an active speaker system. That is, it is a column with its own (usually built-in) specialized amplifier. There are also passive structures, but this is a separate class of equipment, rarely used in traditional home systems. Therefore, the term “subwoofer” today we will mean an active low-frequency speaker system.

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To summarize today’s testing. After getting acquainted with the RP10S subwoofer, we had a generally pleasant impression. Given the low cost of the subwoofer, the sound quality is performed at a fairly high level. In comparison with more expensive competitive solutions, the RP10S subwoofer looks better.

As well as the shelf monitors of the Rokit Powered Series, the subwoofer allows widespread use. Including use together with active acoustics for the computer. The presence of RCA connectors is an extra confirmation.

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