For years, Sony has manufactured quality headphones. Building upon previous success, the MDR-7506 was inspired by the very successful MDR-V6 which was created in 1985. Today, the Sony MDR 7506 is an industry standard and the pair remains considered as a reference for music producers, even though it has been around for nearly three decades. This Sony MDR 7506 Review will try to demonstrate how by only making slight modifications, these high standard headphones have been able to retain the quintessence of their aura.

The most recent model, available on the market since 2014, continues to provide excellent performances which exceed most requirements for professional headphones. Lightweight, sufficiently comfortable and efficiently performant the unique features of the Sony MDR-7506 will guarantee satisfaction to both professional and public market customers. Evaluating at the same time design and comfort, sound properties and additional features, we will attempt to give you the most in-depth review of the Sony MDR-7506 headphones.

  • overall rating 80%
  • Design and Comfort 75%
  • Sound Properties 85%
  • Features and Value 80%

Pros & Cons 

Functional and performance efficient
Affordable for professional headphones
Suited to most music genres
Not the fanciest headphones
Long, heavy and undetachable cable

Key Features

40mm Driver Unit
Closed-Ear Design
Gold Connectors and OFC Cord
Flexible folding Construction
Stereo Unimatch Plug
Supplied Soft Case

Sony MDR 7506 Review 

Design & Comfort

Despite the fact that some part of the headphones are made of plastic (except the outer ear cups are metal), the construction remains resistant. These headphones are lighter than the average over ear headphones. Moreover, you will really appreciate the fact that they are extremely adjustable and foldable, with sufficiently large “racetrack” shaped ear pads that should accommodate most users. Nonetheless, some customers have complained about the fact that the padding might get warm during longer listening periods. Furthermore, you should expect the ear pads to slowly deteriorate after 2 or 3 years. However, these can be easily replaceable for approximately 10$.

Additionally, a clamping force might be felt if you have bigger ears, making the listening experience somewhat uncomfortable. Clamping force is moderate and shouldn’t be that much of an issue during longer sessions. In terms of sound leakage, these dynamic closed headphones offer an honorable isolation. Some sound leakage should be expected but noise isolation is particularly good, even at a moderate level. Moreover these headphones are great at blocking surrounding noises. Other than that, the ear cups are highly flexible and make it easier to find the perfect fit. In our opinion, the Sony MDR-7506 is at the same time, respectably comfortable and considerably durable. This is what makes their overall quality considerably praised.  

“The Sony MDR-7506 is at the same time respectably comfortable and considerably durable. This is what makes their overall manufacturing quality considerably praised.”

Sound Properties

Sound quality with these headphones is astounding. If we consider the fact that the price of these headphones (sound as good as headphones costing almost twice as much), the tonal balance is almost perfect. These headphones sound the way headphones are supposed to and make excellent reference headphones exactly for this reason. Permitting you to hear a lot of nuances, the pair has a smooth and captivating bass, which is detailed and tight, having a nice punch to it.

Within this price range, it is rather rare for headphones to deliver such an accurate (and not overwhelming) bass response the way these do. However, below 55 Hz, these headphones could lack a bit of presence. Nonetheless, it is important to mention that below 80 Hz and 40 Hz, human ears are much less sensitive. Furthermore, with any decent headphone amplifier, you’ll be able to drive the initially lacking bass properly.

“These headphones sound the way headphones are supposed to and make excellent reference headphones exactly for this reason.”

When you first listen to the Sony MDR-7506, the bass may sound a bit boomy. Notwithstanding, this improves the longer you listen to them. A very clean mid range, makes vocals sound detailed and not congested by muddy bass frequencies. In fact, to get better sounding vocals than on these headphones, you could spend 100 or 200 dollars more. At the high end, treble is clean and sharp without being harsh. As an example, cymbal crashes sound almost impeccable. When it comes to sensitivity, the mids and highs are pleasingly sensitive. This will prove extremely beneficial for music producers who want to hear all the details. Indeed, these headphones have been praised for  accurately portraying what you are listening to it. One of the few downsides of this pair is the soundstage which is less qualitative compared to more open headphones.

Features & Value

Specifically unique features of the Sony MDR-7506 are its 40mm dynamic drivers which produce powerful bass and achieve the right amount of sound pressure with low power. With an impedance of 63 Ohms, they are fairly easy to drive. Including a functional synthetic leather bag, these headphones can easily be transported without enduring tear and wear. Nonetheless, the synthetic leather bag is nothing  really special. An undetachable coiled cable (10 feet) won’t satisfy all users. In some situations, this may not be the most handy cable. If these headphones are popular with the average consumer, this can be justified by the fact that they perform significantly better than a lot of headphone models costing almost twice as much.

“Even though these headphones are almost as qualitative as their main competitors, they come at a much less elevated price. This is what makes them so valuable.”

As an example, compared to the 2 headphones listed below, the MDR-7506’s stereo imaging is nearly as broad, provides a very similar comfort level and offers an almost identical noise isolation from external noise. Additionally, vocals may sound even more immediate to some, making these headphones overall leaner. However, even though these headphones are almost as qualitative as their main competitors, they come at a much less elevated price. This is what makes them so valuable.

How Does It Compare?

Beyerdynamic has made a huge effort on the design of its DT 770. PRO However, that is only one aspect on which the German brand has worked. Sound characters and in particular, its fantastically balanced neutral properties makes these much appreciated by audiophiles. The manufacturing quality is very solid and durable. If plastic is used for some parts , like the padded headband, it is resistant and rigid plastic.

Featuring a closed-back construction, the level of comfort is impressive with the velour padding. The sound of the DT 770 PRO  is open and dynamic. Similarly to the Sony MDR-7506, the main drawback is the cable which is not removable, making it an unsustainable headphone on the long term. Nonetheless, the musical detail level makes these headphones suitable for mixing and monitoring purposes. In other words, this a product which could benefit a great amount of music producers who are looking for a reliable sound representation.

Equally impressive, the M50x offers what advanced music producers want; great build quality and balanced sound. The tonal balance is accurate and the stereo imaging is fairly spacious. Furthermore, the ATH-M50x sounds clear while offering detailed bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. With 38 ohms of impedance, this Audio Technica has a lower impedance than the the Sony MDR-7506, meaning it is more easy to drive them without an amplifier.

Despite being visually bulky, these headphones are very comfortable. One thing we noticed is that the padding on the earcups is especially comfortable to wear. Being over-ear headphones and possessing a closed-back design, you’ll definitely experience great isolation. Moreover,  these headphones remain one of the best you’ll ever find for less than 200$. Comparing them to the Sony MDR-7506, the ATH m50x are probably more comfortable and better sounding but for almost half the cost of the former.


For those who are tight on budget and still want professional headphones which have high quality sound properties, the Sony MDR-7506 is certainly a great option to consider.This Sony MDR 7506 Review has demonstrated the few downfalls (comfort, ear pads that have to be replaced, undetachable cable) of the the aforementioned headphones. Still, this pair competes with headphones that are deemed superior (Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro & Audio-Technica ATH-M50x). For their fantastic manufacturing which makes them resistant, for their neutral and balanced sound representation, and the overall great value these headphones offer, they are optimal for the casual listener or music producer. In fact, their honest sound representation makes them an ideal companion (at an affordable price) for tracking and mixing in any studio.