Loudness War | The Audio Streaming Services Landscape

Now that Spotify has FINALLY joined the rest of the streaming services by reducing their loudness playback level, in the current era of digital distribution, you only need two versions of your final master: one for Soundcloud/Bandcamp, and one for all other streaming...

New Loops Releases U-he Colour Copy Free Presets

New Loops has released a set of 15 exclusive presets for U-he’s new Colour Copy delay plugin. The pack includes dub delays, choruses, flangers, stereo delays, and more. There’s also an audio demo of all the presets with dry and wet versions which gives a good idea of...

Sinevibes Releases A New Shiny Reverb Plugin: Luminance

Luminance Shimmer Reverb Luminance is a plugin for creating “shimmer reverb” effects - unreal acoustic space simulations which gradually pitch-shift the reverberation tail. It’s a novel take on this coveted effect, here based on a modern “feedback delay network”...

Sylenth1 Version 3.040 Released

This release fixes several important issues and has a faster loading time. Also included is a great looking skin by Scott Kane! What's new in this version: Improved loading time. Fixes no sound issue when run in Akai VIP in Cubase. Fixes Arpeggiator host...

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