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If you’re interested in electronic music production, have a talent for writing and would like to contribute to the existing passionate community with valuable creative thoughts, feel free to send us your original content to be featured. Any thoughtful content related to electronic music production techniques, artists, news, gear, tutorials and useful informative or inspirational content about electronic music/ music production interests us.

  • Length of the guest post: Minimum 1500 words
  • Format: Google Doc or Word
  • Content type: Content related to electronic music production OR electronic music in general
  • Original content: All content should be original content. If sources are used, make sure to add a bibliography.
  • Media (pictures/videos): be careful with credits (always mention your source), of course this does not apply if they are personal photos/videos.
  • Before writing: send us a 2 or 3 propositions. Together, we will make sure to choose the best option.
Our promise & benefits
  • Article: If we see that there’s room for improvement, we might slightly modify the content you sent us without changing its original message. We will also fact-check and proofread the article to make sure it’s completely accurate.
  • Credit: We will feature your name, picture (optional) a link to your blog if you have one (backlink).
  • Acknowledgment: Greater exposure to a significant audience.
  • Building a relationship: We are looking to expand as a brand and team and if we really appreciate your content, we will think of inviting you to join our team.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! Music production is a creative domain where there are literary no limitations. When writing about it, you should always keep this in mind!

Well, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to get noticed!

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