The Beat Leasing community is growing faster and getting larger each and every year, as music producers start to realise that there is more than just the traditional music industry out there and that making money from your music isn’t impossible when you start to utilize opportunities online. If you’re reading this then i’ll assume that you are one of these people and are ready to start taking your music producer career from your bedroom to online. What i’m talking about of course is selling your beats for leases and exclusives. The music producer stereotype is changing more and more as independent music producers are starting their own beat stores and treating their beats as a business.  As more artists start to buy beats online, music producers that don’t take advantage of the market are missing opportunities to create revenue from their talent. But starting a beat store doesn’t mean that you’re going to any sales, if you’re going to succeed then you’ll need a solid marketing strategy with a SPAM FREE approach, this includes: 

  • No DMing hundreds of Twitter accounts with the same link over and over again
  • No commenting on irrelevant instagram posts and asking people to check out your Soundcloud when they’ve just had a new baby.

Instagram in today’s generation is without doubt the number one home for rappers that are looking for beats, so if your selling beats online, you better make sure that you’re building a presence with Instagram.

 Instead of targeting the masses and spamming hundreds of peoples comments with irrelevant messages and DM’s, The #sendmebeats method ensures that you’re talking to to the right people who are far more likely to take you up on your offer.

As a hashtag, at the time of writing this guide the term sendmebeats has 31,886 posts on instagram, thats thousands of people that you can starting build a relationship with and is an ideal place to find potential customers.

When i say build a relationship, what i really mean is do whatever you can to make these people your friends, take a genuine interest in their day to day lives and ask them how they are.

When your friends ask you for a favor, you’re far more likely to do what they ask because you like and care about them.

If someone on Instagram has hashtagged their post with #sendmebeats then they’re your ideal target customer as they have showed real intent to want your product.

If someone has shown initial intent then they’re far more likely to purchase what you’re offering.

The #sendmebeats Method is all about communication, one by one you have to go through posts and join in on the conversion, show real interest, follow them and engage with their content.

Social media is about being social.

Targeting is key for what you’re trying to achieve and ensuring that you’re talking to the right people will save you a lot of time.

Leave it until you’re deep in conversation before you mention that you make beats and drop them a link.

It’s a long process, but real friendships are the most powerful.

The Low Hanging Type Beat is a video keyword research seo method that if applied correctly will ensure that your Beat Videos on YouTube are optimised to appear on the first page of Google and YouTube and targeting traffic this is both relevant and realistically achievable to attain 

Usually the number one mistake producers make with type beats is that the keywords they are targeting are far to broad and competitive, if a keyword has a search volume of anything above 1,000+ in my experience it is much harder to achieve a first page result on the search engine results pages with ease over targeting a keyword that has both a decent search volume and real demand behind it. 

Low Hanging keywords are keywords with a good number of searches but low competition.

Low competition means that there are a much smaller percentage of people targeting the keyword therefore increasing your chances of attaining a first page result.

Let’s start the process by using Keyword Planner in Google Ads so that we can see average search volumes and whether competition is low, medium or high.

If we search for a keyword like “Drake Type Beat” we’ll see how much demand there is for this style of beat.

All though the competition is low for this very generic keyword, the chances that you will rank for are much lower than if you choose a keyword from the longer tail variations below:

To further prove my point lets see how many results Google returns when we search for a generic keyword like “Drake Type Beat”.

From the screenshot above  we can see that Google has returned 40,100,000 results, meaning that millions of people are competing for a keyword that will potentially acquire them a possible 2,900 views a month.

Now let’s see how many results are returned when we search for one of the longer tail variations like “Drake Type Instrumental”

Google has returned only 12,700,000 results meaning that the competition is much lower for longer tail keywords, therefore increasing your chances of a first page result.

Once you have chosen the keyword you want to optimise your Beat Video for its time to optimise your video.

I’m going to show you an example using my own beat called Too Deep which has been optimised for the keyword “J. Cole Type Instrumental”.

Writing a keyword optimised title means that your keyword need to be as far to the front as possible while at the same time making clear sense when combined with the title of the beat.

The more reader friendly it is the better, see the example below:

The process for writing a keyword optimised description follows the same principles as the title, the earlier it is in the paragraph the better.

Ensure that your description makes clear sense and reads like normal english. See the example below for reference:

Using relevant tags will increase your chances of appearing in suggested videos for people that have watched videos similar to yours.

Try to meet the maximum of characters allowed for tagging giving you more chances of appearing in a higher percentage of suggested videos.

Make sure that your tags stay as relevant to your original keyword as humanly possible.

Following this simple method this particular video has managed to attain over 2,600 views sincle publishing in June 2018.

Using this method can be a great way to start building a brand over time. The more consistent you are and the more you appear in people’s faces the better chances you have of attaining custom and start making money from selling your beats online.