For centuries, music has been practiced and indulged in universally, mainly due to the plethora of benefits one can attain from melodies – regardless of whether you’re the musician or the listener. Among the several advantages, music provides its composers and listeners with, lies one main benefit that is recognized and admired by numerous people: the harmony, peace, and serenity it provides fervently. An added bonus is that there are a lot of instruments to choose from for the player – not to mention, the learner is given a lot of room for improvement regardless of anything. Music is ageless.

Several people who are ballsy enough to pick up an instrument and try their luck with it, eventually move on to perfecting the instrument of their choice – marking themselves as professionals. While many people connect to their first instrument – be it a guitar, drums, piano, etc. – some musicians also eventually move forward and learn how to play various other instruments, until they are able to play at a professional level of proficiency. These musicians are called multi-instrumentalists.

However, this doesn’t mean that any person who can say play a single tune on a guitar and some on the piano, is to be classified as a multi-instrumentalist. In actuality, only one who has perfected the art of playing the guitar and the piano will be classified as such. Nevertheless, the generation today is much different than the one that existed long ago, where classical music played on acoustic versions of the guitar and drums, was the peak. Today, electronic music genres have taken everyone by storm.

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As of the 2010s, there have been several disc jockeys or DJs, who have entered the music scene. Needless to mention, they were received very well by the crowd they were catering to and it wasn’t long before we saw hundreds of electronic tunes blowing up everywhere. The listeners of electronica aren’t necessarily young people, there are actually lots of middle-aged people who indulge in the same type of music all across the globe. After all, something as timeless as music is bound to be appreciated by all.

Moreover, while there are tons of reasons that contribute to the popularity of electronic music, the recent trend of collaborating acoustic or classical music with electro is definitely something new – not to mention some fine dance beats have been created as a result of this union. In all actuality, the collaboration is one that is new to the ears and gives multi-instrumentalists the chance to truly polish their skill set by practicing something entirely new to them.

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Music producers, particularly, have a huge role to play in this. For instance, Michael Blakey, who is not only a renowned professional drummer but is also a music producer who has produced tracks for famous celebrities, among the likes of Eminem. Blakey’s agency, called Electra Star Management has helped launch the careers of not one but several individuals, including DJs, actors, models, etc.

Being the President of the agency, along with a music producer and professional drummer, Michael Blakey certainly has a clear idea of the entertainment industry and has helped bring the electronic scene to light for today’s generation. Additionally, there are several other music producers who have actively contribute to the upsurge of electronic music, creating genres called EDM, Techno, etc.

Of course, there are still a lot of people who still favor acoustic drum kits or acoustic guitars over the electronic versions of the two instruments. But it cannot be denied that the progression of the world is favoring the electronic side of all things generously.

In music lovers, there are two main divisions – those that prefer the electronic music genre and those that prefer classical tunes. In all honesty, this division is one that is temporary – or imaginary – due to the simple fact that one does not need to pick or choose. A person can fall in love with any tune or melody, regardless of the genre of their preference.

Normally, musicians are likely to test out every instrument because that is generally their thing to do. However, when the question arises as to which genre of music is more preferred, it would have to be electronic. Although it has been decades since the first electric guitar was introduced, electric drum kits are still a newer addition to the family of (electronic) music instruments.

With that being said, the generation of today – better known as Millennials – is more likely to prefer beats that they can move and dance to – not to mention the rapidly rising trend of raves and parties not seeming to die down any soon. Simply put, if you go to music festivals, such as Coachella or Tomorrowland, you’re not very likely to find classical music. But you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll find a lot of electro beats that help the crowd rave and dance.

When you go into a store that stocks up on musical instruments, you are likely to find a vast variety of guitars – acoustic and electronic – along with bass, drum kits, etc. However, you would have to go to specific stores to find DJ / music production equipment – and let’s not forget how expensive buying a turntable is today. Fortunately, there are several music instruments that contain everything you would need to make a popping beat for your upcoming party. Most DJs, however, happened to start their careers by picking up an acoustic instrument before they eventually moved on to electro equipment, such as the Traktor and Traktor Pro.

Anyhow, for anyone who might want to enter the scene, it’s best to get in touch with a music producer to help launch your career successfully. Producers, as well as agencies, are highly helpful to help launch a career for a musician successfully, while also ensuring that one is able to get gigs fruitfully.

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Furthermore, as the world progresses, people from a different era must realize that they need to progress with the world as well. With electro music taking the industry by storm, there’s no doubt that you can expect some great beats to pop up soon!